Glasslock Baby Food Storage Set 9Pce

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Keep your baby’s food organised with this Glasslock Baby Food Storage Set. The snap-lock lids will keep them air-tight and leak-free.

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The Glasslock Baby Food Storage Set is such a handy way of storing meal-size portions for your little one.  Keep your baby’s food organised with these cute containers.  The small handy sizes of the Baby Food 9pc Set means you can put them in your nappy bag or send them to school with snacks for the big kids.  The air-tight seal is leak-proof and keeps the food fresh for longer.  Set includes a silicon spoon that is soft and gentle on baby’s gums and teeth.

Glasslock is non-toxic and non-reactive, very durable and stain-resistant.  The containers are safe for the microwave, dishwasher and freezer.  Made from FDA-approved tempered glass and BPA-free, you can feel confident that your family’s food is being stored in containers that are as safe as possible.

Set includes:

4 x 150ml rectangular containers
2 x 210ml square containers
2 x 165ml round containers
1 x silicone baby spoon